Protecting Elementary Students From Internet Dangers

In a dark and treacherous online world fraught with dangers for young internet navigators, parents may be left feeling overwhelmed and ready to shut out the online world to protect their children, but just as it is bad, there are ways to counter and fight it.

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Online Security Hardware, Software, And Free Parental Controls

Parents can utilize online programs, dedicated routers, and apps to increase their children’s Internet safety. Additionally, many Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide parental control options for parents to protect their children. Check with your local ISP for more details.

Companies that help with parental controls.

If you’re worried about your child’s safety when they’re studying online and want to remain economical, you don’t have to buy any special software to protect your child online. There are already many useful features in your device’s hardware, software, and web browser. Check out the links below for dedicated and specific tutorials.

Additional Links and Resources

The Federal Trade Commission has videos and other resources you may find helpful.

Cybersmart Detectives offers lessons for elementary-age children so they can learn about cyberbullying, data privacy, and image sharing through teacher-led activities involving animated movies.

Download SafeWise’s Video Chat Safety Guide to learn the 8 ways to help children video chat safely

Elementary-age children have never known a world without the internet. They will continue to learn and work with the internet throughout their life. Their friends will be online. Many of their social interactions will be online and that is just the way their world has been shaped. As parents, you will have to meet your child where they are today. Gone are the days of the kids going outside to roam to spend time with friends. Instead, they meet up in a video game and talk strategy, laugh, and make jokes. It is imperative that in their very early elementary years understand how to navigate the online world safely with your help. Giving rules and parameters allow them to mature in a safe space when online. At Cape Fear Christain Academy, we believe the learning and education process is a team effort and we work to partner with families by providing helpful guidelines and resources for parents as they navigate the online world with their elementary children. If you are considering Cape Fear Christian for an educational opportunity for your child, reach out today to schedule a tour of our campus.

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