Best Foot Forward

In 1595, Shakespeare wrote, “Nay, but make haste; the better foot before” which may be one of the first written references of putting your best foot forward. Some mathematicians may argue that you simply can’t put your best foot forward unless you have three or more so maybe the saying should read, “Better foot forward.” Nevertheless, this saying has manifested its way in society in many ways including by a recent quote from Stephan Labossiere, “Always put your best foot forward, because you never know where your next step may lead you.”

Part of preparing leaders for tomorrow is helping them learn to put their best foot forward. We ask for “better” each day from our students as we challenge them spiritually, academically, artistically, and athletically. This year we are helping them to put their best foot forward on chapel day and for Academy-sponsored off-campus events including academic competitions, field trips, and sporting events with attire from Land’sEnd. We opted for chapel attire that will allow for a level of self-expression from shorts, pants, skirts, shirts, jackets, and dresses that create a cohesive rather than uniform look allowing the future leader to shine.

For a limited time only, Lands’End is offering free shipping for orders over $75 and free logos for your Academy wear (Use code: LOGO Pin: 1890)!

So future leaders, put your best foot forward and shine. We can’t wait to see what you pick, as your look, from the collection.

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