Fun and Structure For The Summer

Schools Out For Summer…Now What?

For many parents, the hunt is on to keep routine and structure for the children through the summer. And for others, it might mean they want to find some sun and fun things for theirs.

Here we talk about the importance of the various types of structured summer activities and camps, how to choose the best fit for your family, and certain mistakes to avoid when choosing a camp. We also have a long list of local list of camps and activities that might just be the perfect spot for your child this summer.

 “With proper planning, summer activities can build a child’s self-esteem and autonomy.” Dr. Stick and Dr. Jellinek (Pediatric Doctors)

There are several supporting reasons to keep your children active and engaged in the summer. During the summer months, children tend to be far more sedentary chick resulting in faster weight gain than during the academic year. Children if not challenged and engaged can also have learning loss. Additionally, participation in enriching summer activities learn to practice skills that will set them up for more successful futures. Finding the proper summer activity for your child might also help them mature emotionally. Summer is the perfect time to find a camp or activity to help build peer dynamics and friendships, develop higher-level skills in a particular sport, explore an interest like art, or encourage a healthy lifestyle with exercise while outdoors.

How to choose the right one?

At the end of the summer, a camp experience will help your child to improve social interaction skills, build self-esteem, learn how to work with their independence, and participate in activities that might not be available at home.

How to choose the right one?

With so many options, picking a camp might be difficult, so we’ve put together some pointers to guide you in making your decision. Talk with your child to help find a camp that aligns with your child’s interests and will help them to develop a deeper knowledge of the things that interest them.

Budget Without Breaking The Bank

Camps can range from $25 a day for day camps to $50 per day for an overnight option. The cost will be determined by demand, facilities, and activities. Optional activities and money for fun spending should also be factored in. However, don’t let the initial sticker shock steer you from the perfect camp for your little one. Many camps offer a scholarship.

Plan With a Purpose

Are you looking to help them hone their acting skills? Is a Christian-focused camp a family tradition for your family? Before selecting the camp, narrow down what you want the end result to be for your child and let that guide you. In addition to the needs of your child for camp, do not overlook what will and will not work within your schedule. If it is a day camp, transportation must be considered.

Determine Time Frame

Is your child ready to be away from home for more than a few days? If not, a day camp is a great way to experience many of the same benefits of camp without the sleep away aspect.

Research and Reviews

A high price ticket does not mean that you are guaranteed the best camp experience. Read reviews. Ask friends and family who have also attended the camp to determine if the came qualifies and fits your needs.

There is an exhaustive amount and types of camps that you can seek out for your child. Below are the most sought categories of camps parents are looking to sign their child up for.

How to choose the right one?

We have highlighted only a few of the Harnett county local options below that are worthy of checking out with links to their website when available.

Sport and Competitive Activity-Based

Faith Based

While this list is nowhere comprehensive or fully representative of the offerings in our area, it will give you some places to start your search. It is a good idea to research and makes your choices sooner rather than later since many of these have limited spots and will fill up once registration opens up. If you don’t see the type of camp you would like to find for your child, there are many many more options… really too many to fit into this. The best solution is to google the type of camp you are looking for and your area or area close to you.

 Summer camps are a great way to keep kids busy and with a routine while providing them opportunities to make new friends and have new experiences.

Camps both day and overnight are a terrific way to provide some structure to the otherwise unstructured summer months. They’re exciting, promote character development, and provide opportunities for campers to meet new people and reconnect with old ones. Summer is, after all, about sun, enjoyment, and building memories.

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