The Foundation

Cape Fear Christian Academy has been blessed with families that have helped form the Academy into an institution regarded for its rigorous curriculum. Foundations have been laid by the many families woven into the Eagle fabric, to provide solid footing for continued growth. The solid foundation has allowed growth to flourish at the Academy with the largest enrollment yet. Yet serving new families and increasing the reach of educating children in a Christian environment takes a village.

You Are Our Village

Because of your continued support (even beyond your eagle flying out of the nest), we have been able to purchase additional land for expansion, build a picnic shelter structure, and ensure we have remained good stewards of the buildings on campus. And while some of these improvements are hard to see (new roofs, new pavement areas for new traffic patterns, new windows, new doors, new paint), they all contribute to ensuring this campus will be here to educate generations to come.

We Miss Seeing You

This year we are faced with a new obstacle: COVID. We haven’t been able to invite you to see the wonderful changes your support has made possible. We haven’t been able to have you as our guest at a game. Or even have a musical or theatrical performance live. But we couldn’t have come this far without YOU. And we know that you will be so proud when you are able to see the continued changes at Cape Fear Christian Academy that your support has made possible.

Golden Ticket Virtual Fundraiser

This year, the Academy has taken our fundraising virtual, creating a fun way to enter drawings by pledging. Most importantly, your support helps Cape Fear Christian Academy grow and prosper for years to come.

Will you consider a pledge to help us continue to grow from this foundation you have helped build?

Pray For Your Eagle Family

Lastly, we ask your prayers over this Academy. To do His Will. To be good role models. To teach His Word. To shepherd Christian Leaders. And to grow with a strong foundation.

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