Meet Our Leadership

The leadership of Cape Fear Christian Academy is guided by the Board of Directors, the Head of School, and School Principals using the bylaws set forth by the Board of Directors.  The leadership is continually guiding changes at Cape Fear Christian Academy working together to improve direction, culture, expectations, and instruction.

We welcome you to Cape Fear Christian Academy.

We are very happy to be a part of a school that is centered around a Christian educational environment.  Every student is a contributor to the educational program and is encouraged to feel that the school setting is his/her own.  It is our hope that students and parents will take great pride in its development and care.  

In the endeavor of excellence, the faculty and staff center their curriculum instruction to produce well-rounded students with strong Christian character and conviction.  We are committed to educating and maintaining a safe structured environment conducive to learning in a positive and meaningful way.  All children can learn and will learn under good leadership in the school, in the classroom, and with parent and community support.

We know that God will have his hands in the leadership of this school.  Our philosophy is to be fair, consistent, and to have high expectations from staff, students, and parents.  Together we will make a difference for every student attending Cape Fear Christian Academy.

Board service is a demanding, challenging, humbling, and rewarding commitment that requires prayer, wisdom, judgment, discretion, trust, and substantial time. Our Board consists of 11 members.  Open positions are filled by vote of the board upon receipt of nominations from the Ad-Hoc Board Member Nomination Committee.

Per the Cape Fear Christian Academy bylaws, the Chairman of the Board has appointed members of the Board to serve on the standing committees established by the bylaws.  The following appointments have been made for the 2022/2023 academic year: Heather Honeycutt, Tommy Burns, Keith Raynor, Jennifer Trainer, Marc Phillips, Samantha Wullenwaber, Eric Herring, Keith Tripp, Matthew Beasley, Emmy McLamb, Ray Butts.